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Why it is Better to use Electronic Cigarette than the Traditional One

There is no way that we can say the cigarette is useful or good for you. It is really a dangerous thing. We all probably know that the cigarette is responsible for lots of diseases of the respiratory tract, circulatory system and reproductive system. Therefore smoking cigarettes is surely deadly. But for the smoker it is not easy to give up the habit within one night. On the other hand, smoking is not always acceptable in all places or situations. The smoke is also equally harmful for the non-smokers. Therefore to make the things easier and give you the comfort in smoking, the electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market.

They are smoke free, electronic devices where nicotine or other solutions are used to produce vapor to be inhaled.

We are not saying that the electronic cigarettes are harmless and everyone can use them. But the point we want to make clear is that, they are less harmful than the traditional cigarettes. So it should be a better option for the smokers. In the traditional cigarettes, around 4000 chemical compounds are present and a lot of them are known to be associated with the cancer. Therefore smoking traditional cigarettes is like suicide. On the other hand, in case of electronic cigarettes, you are getting less number of ingredients. On an average, there are usually around 20 ingredients in the electronic cigarette solution. Most of the carcinogenic materials are not present in it. You can also use the non-nicotine electronic cigarettes. Therefore, the electronic cigarette is safer and comfortable than the traditional cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes are subject to a lot of criticism because of its hazardous property. It is not only because of the ingredients but also because of causing fires. A lot of examples are around us about the fires that start from the cigarettes. There are huge number of deaths, property loss and injuries each year due to the fires caused by burnt or unfinished cigarettes. In electronic cigarettes, there is no need to burn the cartridges. The battery will perform this action without any burning or fire. The vapor is clean and contains only the key ingredients. Most importantly you don’t need to buy e-cig everyday. All you need is to refill the cartridges when it is empty.

Electronic Cigarettes are composed of a cartridge, atomizer, battery and LED. The cartridge contains the nicotine or non-nicotine solution. Atomizer is the part where the solution is heated to produce vapor. The battery is rechargeable. Most commonly lithium ion battery is used. The electronic cigarette kit contains all the necessary equipments including the electronic cigarette chargers. Smoke free Inc. is a leading company who sells the electronic cigarettes. They also have different Smoke free electronic cigarette kits for different users. You can purchase different kits with different flavors and some colorful electronic cigarette cases from their online store. So prepare yourself to experience smoke free electronic cigarettes which are comfortable, cheaper but equally effective than the traditional cigarettes.