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Badass Grace’s Favorite E-Liquid of The Month: Country Clouds’ Corn Bread Pudding

So over the past couple of months I was on the search for an e-juice flavor that would really hit the spot while also offering a unique flavor I’ve never tried before. After I quit smoking and started vaping, I tried every flavor out there imaginable, until I finally stumbled upon Corn Bread Pudding by Country Clouds e-liquids. The rest is history.

Let’s take a step back a bit. I first started vaping with traditional tobacco flavors which really helped me quit, switching back and forth between that and menthol when I grew tired of the straight tobacco taste.

After successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping through tobacco and menthol flavors, I was ready to experiment with new flavors. Fruit flavors really began to excite me, my favorite being cherry and apple. I tried every fruit flavor thereafter, like mango, watermelon and even kiwi and bananas. I was amazed at how good these flavors were compared to smoking cigarettes.

The next wave I moved on to were candy flavors. The huge benefit of candy flavors is that you get that same sweet flavor and craving satisfaction as eating real candies without getting fat or messing up your teeth. This was a huge plus for me and I was vaping all my childhood candy flavors I could find. This includes blue raspberry, sour warheads, skittles and mike and ikes. I had a great time vaping these flavors. However, soon my sweet tooth seemed to be quenched for good and I began to get really tired of vaping these …

The real turning point for me is when I finally began to try dessert flavors. This is when vaping become less of a smoking alternative and more of a lifestyle. I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I could enjoy the flavors of chocolate donuts, apple pies, and strawberry sundaes at anytime of the day, at all times without getting fat. It was heaven! But even so, after months of trying every flavor out there, I still couldn’t find that one flavor that I didn’t get sick of in a few days … until Corn Bread Pudding.

I stumbled upon Corn Bread pudding at a local vape store in Fredericksburg, a nice quaint town in Texas. At first the name immediately turned me off. Corn Bread Pudding? I never even heard of that type of dessert before. But, since I already tried all the other flavors at that vape shop, I decided to buy one just to give it a try … and my mind was blown.

I vaped this flavor for about a week straight, and it never got old. This was a first for me! It’s a flavor almost difficult to describe – it’s sweet, but not too sweet. It tastes just like bread pudding, but with smooth buttery undertones. It almost feels warm when you vape it. This juice has layers and depth of flavors I never thought an e liquid could have – as you inhale, the flavor seems to change from sweet, to savory, back to sweet. Even my friends who don’t like to vape love to hit this flavor, and when you exhale it into a room, people love the scent.

The Country Clouds website describes the flavor as:

“…delicious toasty corn bead, vanilla cream and brown sugar maple [that makes] for an impressively unique flavor extravaganza.”

I couldn’t agree more with the last part more .. out of all the e-juices I’ve tried, Corn Bread Pudding definitely takes the cake 😉 in terms of uniqueness, flavor, and revape-ability. Not only this, but they now offer a nicotine salts version of the same flavor as well that I found online. This means there is more nicotine per ml, and nicotine salts more closely mimic the experience of smoking a real cigarette.

Because of the incredible uniqueness and flavor, Country Clouds Corn Bread Pudding is Badass Grace’s FLAVOR OF THE MONTH! (or maybe even YEAR!). Congrats Country Clouds! Keep up the good work.